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Our Board of Directors is comprised of passionate & diverse community members with expertise in a wide range of areas, inlcluding training, advocacy, education, branding & marketing, fund development, and business management.

The Board meets monthly and is responsible for taking care of the strategic and financial health of the organization on an ongoing basis.

Kelly Reyna, MFA
Executive Director
Artist/Autism Parent

Kerri Sorrells, Secretary/Director
Special Education/Teaching/Autism Support

Jill Bernard, Treasurer/Director
Special Education/Teaching/Autism Support

Leti Barron, President
Programs Coordinator, Workshop Coordinator
Creative Director/Promotion/Marketing

Valerie Hernandez, Vice Director
Workshops/Event Coordinator
Artist/Art Workshops/Event Coordinator

Chris Ramos, Director
Artist/High Point Village

Rebecca Dietrich, Director
FFAT/Art Markets

Amalia Aguero, Director

Owner/Publisher, El Editor Newspaper Cultural Events, Arts Su

Sandra Scott, Committee Member

Jacqueline Vega Richards,
 Committee Member



Meet Our Board

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